Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Trip

Well, last weekend we took our new camper out for a test run. We went to Jacksonport State park just outside of Newport. We didn't go too far in case something went wrong. Well, I am happy to report everything was great!! The only thing is that we didn't have a gas line for our grill so we had to go into town to get dinner Sunday night but that has been resolved now and we are all set. The boys has a great time at the White River. We toured the courthouse and the riverboat and walked along the river and tried to survive the misquitos!!!!!!

The Courthouse and River boat.

Walking in the White River!!

I look forward to many adventures with my family in our camper for years!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Adventures Await

Well, today we did it!! We bought a camper trailer!!!! We have been wanting to do that for about a year now and today we went and picked it up!! The boys are beside themselves and to tell you the truth, Brian and I are pretty excited too. We got it home and hooked it up in the backyard so that we could load things in. You would not believe the stuff I found in my house that could go in there. Sheets, towels, utensils, pillows, plates, bowls cups and wine glasses (yes all plastic). I only had to buy silverware and pots and pans. The boys played in it for a little while. It has bunk beds for them so you know that is the best!! We even watched a little Scooby Doo while I was putting things away.

We have been wanting to do this so that we could get away on the weekends when possible. We have a boat at Greers Ferry Lake and we can do there, camp and boat. Smart of us huh??!! The boys love to go camping with my parents so now we can all do it together.

I will take some pictures in the daylight tomorrow and post them!! I am sure that when you all see the boys next, they will tell you all about it!!