Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unexplained male DNA

Okay, I have found several more things in the last few days to blame on my husband and his DNA. I want to know why do men think if you take your shirt and pants off you will be cooler? I just fan myself and try not to complain. Ben comes down last night from upstairs in the playroom without his pants on. I asked why he took them off and he says "just because" Hayden comes down right behind him without a shirt on and he says he was hot. Ben would have just been in a diaper if he could get his shirt off by himself and I was surprised that Hayden still HAD his pants on. When Ben can talk Hayden into helping him, he is just diaper boy without a shirt or pants. They say they are playing Tarzan. I know it has been warm for a few days but come on... we need clothes. I am the only one in my family who understands that concept.

Another, what possesses a child to take a nap under his bed?? Last week I went to check on Ben at nap time and found this...

What is he doing? Why did he sleep under there? I asked that question when he got up and this is what I got "Just because" That seems to be the standard Ben answer lately so I guess i will go with it.

Hayden is the entertainer of the family. He will dance and make up songs just out of no where. When he was little, he was always getting stuck in things. Once he put the potty seat on his head and got it stuck. ( there is the male DNA again, lets see what this looks like as a hat) No we had not started using it yet, I had bought it to show him what we were going to start doing. He got it stuck and I was not sure I was going to get it off. He loves to wear Brian's cowboy hat or hat that looks like Indiana Jones and pretend. He has such an imagination it kills me. I guess that is a male DNA thing too.

One day I hope to report the nice things my children do so stay tuned and hopefully it won't be before they start college.

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