Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Trip

Well, last weekend we took our new camper out for a test run. We went to Jacksonport State park just outside of Newport. We didn't go too far in case something went wrong. Well, I am happy to report everything was great!! The only thing is that we didn't have a gas line for our grill so we had to go into town to get dinner Sunday night but that has been resolved now and we are all set. The boys has a great time at the White River. We toured the courthouse and the riverboat and walked along the river and tried to survive the misquitos!!!!!!

The Courthouse and River boat.

Walking in the White River!!

I look forward to many adventures with my family in our camper for years!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Adventures Await

Well, today we did it!! We bought a camper trailer!!!! We have been wanting to do that for about a year now and today we went and picked it up!! The boys are beside themselves and to tell you the truth, Brian and I are pretty excited too. We got it home and hooked it up in the backyard so that we could load things in. You would not believe the stuff I found in my house that could go in there. Sheets, towels, utensils, pillows, plates, bowls cups and wine glasses (yes all plastic). I only had to buy silverware and pots and pans. The boys played in it for a little while. It has bunk beds for them so you know that is the best!! We even watched a little Scooby Doo while I was putting things away.

We have been wanting to do this so that we could get away on the weekends when possible. We have a boat at Greers Ferry Lake and we can do there, camp and boat. Smart of us huh??!! The boys love to go camping with my parents so now we can all do it together.

I will take some pictures in the daylight tomorrow and post them!! I am sure that when you all see the boys next, they will tell you all about it!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, I am sorry, I am not good at this blogging stuff. I find that I go on and on and on and then it make little sense to me and I am sure not sense to everyone else. Our lives are so busy lately. Tomorrow April 24. is my baby's 3rd birthday!!! He is three already and I am not sure I like it. I miss the sweet Ben (this one is not that nice right now) The Ben who would love me all the time and not want anything is return(sucker, juice, chocolate) The Ben who didn't act like he was 13 already (no mom, I think I won't) Somewhere in there is that sweet Ben I just hope we find him before it is to late.

My other baby is 5 and starting to do really "big boy" things. He is getting dressed all the way without being told 10-15 times, he is making his bed, wanting to pour his own milk, helping his brother. All the things he does makes me happy and sad at the same time. I want him to be a big boy, but I also want my "baby" Isn't it a tangled web we weave here in "motherhood land" We want them to grow up to be strong independent people, but then again, we want them to be little and need us. Are we insane??

Even though we want to keep them just like this, we are reminded of everything they have learned. New songs, new dance step, new words, some nice, some not. The best parts of my day are hearing them sing songs and dance to music. My boys are going to be entertainers I just know it. They just need a little more rthymn and coordination and we are off to Hollywood!!! Okay, maybe not, but they sure make me laugh and entertain me!!!! They sing songs from movies (Alvin & the Chipmunks, Cars, Little Mermaid etc.) and the words might not be right or anything but it is the most entertaining thing I have seen.

Brian and I are sure that life is going to be one fight after another with Hayden and Ben, but in the end, when push comes to shove, my boys sure do know how to love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today must "Oholendt boys against mom" day. I mean all three. It started this morning when I left Hayden and Ben in the kitchen while I went to put on clothes. I left Hayden to right his name on two more Valentine cards. Maybe giving him a sharpie was not the thing to do, but I did it. I was coming out of the closet with jeans, shirt and shoes in hand when I hear "Mom, Hayden dotted on me" Ben came into the bathroom with blue sharpie dots on his cheek. So needless to say, the few minutes I was going to use to put on a little makeup went to scrubbing the marker off Ben. So here we go to school with no makeup and un fixed hair. Okay, fast forward several hours. Brian is going to meet me at school during his lunch to attend one boys Valentine's party while I go to the other. I have 30 minutes before I need to be there so I am putting on make up ( i know I should have done it when I got home but have you seen my laundry???) and fixing my hair. Make up on and phone rings "I am leaving for the school now. Ready to meet me there?" Not really but since he is taking his lunch hour to do this, I bring him lunch so at least he eats. So I go back to school at least with make up this time. One day I will be able to do both and everyone at school will be amazed!!!

Unexplained male DNA

Okay, I have found several more things in the last few days to blame on my husband and his DNA. I want to know why do men think if you take your shirt and pants off you will be cooler? I just fan myself and try not to complain. Ben comes down last night from upstairs in the playroom without his pants on. I asked why he took them off and he says "just because" Hayden comes down right behind him without a shirt on and he says he was hot. Ben would have just been in a diaper if he could get his shirt off by himself and I was surprised that Hayden still HAD his pants on. When Ben can talk Hayden into helping him, he is just diaper boy without a shirt or pants. They say they are playing Tarzan. I know it has been warm for a few days but come on... we need clothes. I am the only one in my family who understands that concept.

Another, what possesses a child to take a nap under his bed?? Last week I went to check on Ben at nap time and found this...

What is he doing? Why did he sleep under there? I asked that question when he got up and this is what I got "Just because" That seems to be the standard Ben answer lately so I guess i will go with it.

Hayden is the entertainer of the family. He will dance and make up songs just out of no where. When he was little, he was always getting stuck in things. Once he put the potty seat on his head and got it stuck. ( there is the male DNA again, lets see what this looks like as a hat) No we had not started using it yet, I had bought it to show him what we were going to start doing. He got it stuck and I was not sure I was going to get it off. He loves to wear Brian's cowboy hat or hat that looks like Indiana Jones and pretend. He has such an imagination it kills me. I guess that is a male DNA thing too.

One day I hope to report the nice things my children do so stay tuned and hopefully it won't be before they start college.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice is not always nice

Just like everyone else in Jonesboro, the ice storm was not exactly what we expected. We had power until Tuesday at 7:00pm. We have a gas log fireplace so we camped out in the living room. The boys thought that it was neat, but mom on the other hand.... Wednesday we made the best day we could. The boys played, we took good naps and then found out the the pharmacy Brian works at had power so we heaed there. He has Wednesday off so we did not have to do anything, just visit. We went to get some food and then went home to darkness again. By Thursday AM, I had had enough. I packed the boys up and went to my parents house in Ward (between Beebe and Cabot) They had power, heat and a nice warm shower!! I felt like I was coming home from college because i took our laundry not knowing when we might get power back. Brian worked Thursday and when he got home we had power!!!! I was so excited. The boys and I came back Friday afternoon to a warm home, lights, warm water and the feeling of home. You don't realize what you have until you don't have it anymore. I am more greatful now for the things we take for granted everyday. My boys thought it was fun but watching TV was not an option. They have made up for it in the last 2 days though.

I know there are still some people without power and I pray for them every night. I pray that the crews get things back and that they are safe doing it.

The boys will always remember this and we so excited to be able to flip a switch and the lights come on. I will remember it too so that I don't take my life and the things I have for granted.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still working on this

I am still working on learning this Blog thing. I am trying to make it more personal but I am not real sure how to do this. My husband is no help, he is watching the Winter X games. If it is on ESPN he will watch it. I can usually get by just sitting and reading or on the computer and he is happy i am in the room. The boys are the same way.

I had a Southern Living at Home Party today and had a blast. The boys left and when they came back, Ben said they were checking on my "girl party" That is what i have to call things that they can not attend, baby shower, wedding shower, anything that boys do not need to go to. Ben just wanted to make sure we were having a good time. Everyone was gone by the time they got home and of course they wanted to know where the girls for the "girl party" were. Hayden has already started planning a " boy party" Dad gets to come, Mr. Brent, Charleston, and any other boy or dad he could think of. I asked what they were going to do and he said in the voice which means "Mooooom " Boy things!! I guess that leaves it wide open huh???